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Martha Taylor Greenway

Martha enjoys solving problems, and has a successful history of implementing innovative programs and taking them to scale in complex organization by leveraging a deep commitment to strengthening communities, strong analytical skills, and visionary creativity.

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Erika Cooper

A lifelong educator who provides clients with effective approaches to improving student outcomes, Erika has been a champion for vulnerable children as a teacher, school and district administrator, nonprofit program manager and researcher.

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Patty Foglesong

Patty brings a background in science to the challenges of social impact organizations, leveraging her analytical skills with her commitment to stakeholder engagement to affect positive change.

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Margaret Brackett

An analyst by training and by nature, Margaret seeks to understand complex situations by studying objective data as well as stakeholder perceptions, always with a focus on enhancing the work of client organizations.

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Yanika Daniels

Yanika applies her engineering mindset to leverage improvement opportunities in social impact organizations, with a specific eye to enhancing equity and inclusion, and leveraging the full capacity of all employees.

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Hillary Hull

The glue that holds our team together and ensures our work is communicated to clients in a clear and compelling manner, Hillary brings data management and presentation design skills to all projects.

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Blythe Jeffers

Blythe utilizes her remarkable process management skills and attention to detail to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations, while giving careful consideration to the challenges of change management in order to sustain improvement.

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Mirel Herrera

With education policy research experience in the Texas Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, and in national education organizations, Mirel combines an ability to analyze data on client results with an extensive knowledge of effective practices across the country.

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Theresa Cho-Bergeron

As a strategy and operational consultant with deep experience assisting both non-profit and for-product organizations alike, Theresa works with clients developing strategies as well as delivering implementation approaches to support execution of these strategies.

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