Our Approach

The mission of Greenway Strategy Group is to create measurable growth and improvement in social impact organizations.  Since 2012, GSG has provided strategic guidance to nonprofit, education, and philanthropic organizations serving communities, children, youth, and learners of all ages. 


Our strength lies in assisting organizations to analyze and synthesize information in order to design innovative solutions to complex problems.  Our consulting team brings decades of applied strategy experience in large, complex organizations. We approach each assignment with a fresh perspective, customizing our tools and processes to match the client's existing knowledge, resources, culture, and desired results.

Our previous experience, professional expertise, and national networks allow us to inform strategy development by presenting effective practices for consideration. Our facilitation techniques allow us to successfully engage decision-makers in forming specific, future direction for growth and improvement. Our project management skills allow us to leave clients with clear plans for implementation and monitoring.

GSG utilizes an inclusive, collaborative approach to strategy development that builds the capacity of organizations to implement meaningful change. We believe in capitalizing on the assets within organizations, rather than providing all the "answers" from external experts. In order for strategic change to be fully implemented, those who do the work must be part of the design.

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