Odyssey Atlanta

Implementation of Project-based Learning


The Opportunity:

Odyssey, a summer program with a proven track record, works with motivated public school students to help improve their school performance and instill a love for lifelong learning. Targeting Atlanta Public Schools students in rising grades 1 to 12 from disadvantaged communities, Odyssey offers an educational six-week summer camp experience for nearly 400 students, focusing on STEAM — science, technology, art, engineering, and math.  The Odyssey leadership wanted to strengthen the use of project- based learning to ensure that this methodology was being applied consistently across subjects and grade levels.


Our Services:

GSG facilitated and supported the Odyssey director and grade-level team leaders in defining project-based learning, and developing an approach to consistently implement it within the program.  Through several facilitated sessions, GSG supported the team in reviewing options, developing consensus, making decisions, and creating an executable plan of action.


The Results:

The Odyssey team leaders led a curriculum development session for all teachers, where the teachers worked in teams to design project-based lessons that integrated all subject areas within a grade level. The lessons followed an established protocol to ensure adequate rigor and alignment with the core components of project-based learning, as defined by the leadership team.  These integrated, project-based lessons were implemented in the summer of 2018.

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