North Dakota Education Vision Steering Committee

Facilitation of a Statewide Education Vision


The Opportunity:

During the research phase of the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction Strategic Plan, representatives of other state education agencies voiced a universal opinion that the state lacked a clearly defined, shared direction for education.  While each individual entity wanted to maintain its autonomy, and flexibility to determine its own actions, there was a mutual agreement that these should be aligned among all state education agencies toward a common end. 

Our Services:

GSG has served as the facilitator of the North Dakota Education Vison Steering committee since January of 2017.  The committee includes representatives from 23 state agencies, including the state legislature, school boards association, university system, union, leadership associations, parent organizations, Governor’s office, and related state agencies such as Career and Technical Education and Professional Standards.

The Results:

The committee has developed a shared vision statement, long-term student outcomes to attain, and strategic themes within which to drive alignment and address gaps.  They are developing performance measures and targets for the long-term outcomes, and prioritizing strategic themes for enhancing service delivery.  All 23 organizations have contributed to an alignment document that lists each organization’s objectives and initiatives within the strategic themes. 

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