The Dyslexia Resource

Strategic Plan Development

The Opportunity:

The Schenck School is a leader is dyslexia education in the Metro-Atlanta area. To meet its goal of expanding the school beyond its existing boundaries, The Schenck School Board of Trustees founded The Dyslexia Resource as a center to expand dyslexia awareness and support to the broader community through research, partnership, education, and outreach programs.


Our Services:

GSG supported The Dyslexia Resource’s inaugural strategic planning process through design and implementation of a strategy to launch the organization. Specific consultation included:

  • Definition of The Dyslexia Resource’s mission

  • Review of and recommendations for governance structure

  • Engagement of key stakeholders including donors, board members, Schenck School faculty and staff, and Atlanta educational organizations and nonprofits to understand perceptions and areas of greatest need for the new organization

  • Facilitation of sessions with the Strategic Planning Committee and Board of Directors to create the strategic direction and strategic plan components

  • Coaching for the organization’s leaders in developing strategic initiatives to address areas of strategic focus

  • Training and support for the organization’s leaders to develop and implement detailed action plans for a set of priority strategic initiatives.


The Dyslexia Resource is successfully serving the community by providing dyslexia help for students and adults, solutions for parents and families, and training for teachers.  More information about The Dyslexia Resource is located at

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