Achieve Palm Beach County

Collective Impact Initiative Strategic Plan and Implementation

The Opportunity:

Achieve Palm Beach County is a collective impact initiative in Palm Beach County, Florida with a vision that every Palm Beach County high school graduate completes a post-secondary credential within six-years of high school graduation that prepares them for a meaningful career with a sustainable wage. 

Our Services:

GSG was engaged to develop a strategic plan to guide the work of the collaborative group. This included facilitating a leadership forum of more than 80 community leaders from the government, education, nonprofit, philanthropic, and business communities.  In the analysis phase of this work, GSG conducted the following activities:

  • Conducted focus groups with high school and college students, high school counselors, college advisors, and parent groups representing diverse groups of students

  • Analyzed college enrollment, persistence and completion data for all community high schools and the community overall

  • Conducted a survey of all community organizations supporting post-secondary access and completion and created an asset map of existing resources.

Following development of a comprehensive strategic plan, GSG was engaged to support the implementation of the initiative through the following projects:

  • Design of governance structures, including job descriptions for various roles

  • Creation of presentations to engage business and civic leaders

  • Creation of a 'Call to Action' including 'Area of Focus' summaries

  • Design and implementation of a community 'Launch Event'

  • Executive search for staff leadership

  • Design of work plans, agendas, worksheets, and facilitation protocols for strategy and support teams

  • Training and support of team leaders

  • Facilitating work among team leaders to ensure communication and coordination of effort.



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