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Strategy Development

We offer a unique approach to strategic planning that includes analysis, strategy design, action planning and monitoring. We utilize collaborative, facilitative approaches in the strategy design and action planning phases, to ensure stakeholder support and organizational capacity for implementation. We design comprehensive strategic plans including all phases, and also support organizations in individual phases such as building action plans or monitoring processes.

Research and Evaluation

Greenway Strategy Group has conducted research to help organizations understand the current state of issues and inform future actions.  We have conducted research on the future workforce, local community needs, and gaps in existing services.

We work with organizations to develop and implement program outcome measures, including logic models, outcome indicators and measurement methods. We also design and manage evaluations of programs utilizing quantitative data analysis and qualitative methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations, and interactive group activities.

Performance Management and Improvement

We support business process improvement through organizational and business unit assessments including process mapping, customer feedback, efficiency and effectiveness measures, process redesign and implementation roadmaps.  We also conduct research to assess organizational performance and policy implementation.

Greenway Strategy Group offers tools and resources to design employee performance management systems, including position analysis, performance goals aligned to organizational objectives, and employee feedback and coaching.

Martha Taylor Greenway led the first implementations of the Balanced Scorecard in both the nonprofit sector (working with United Way of America) and public education (working with Fulton County Schools.) The Fulton County Schools implementation was awarded the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame in 2004, documented in the book Strategy Maps, and featured in a Harvard Business School case. Greenway Strategy Group not only supports the design of Balanced Scorecards, but also supports organizations in using the Balanced Scorecard as a strategy management tool that allows leaders to assess and adjust strategy implementation.

Program Implementation

We have successfully coordinated program implementation for start-up organizations, including program planning, hiring staff, coordinating events, developing protocols for work groups, and serving as the overall project manager. Our work has supported implementation of individual nonprofit programs, local community collective impact efforts, and national learning communities.

Facilitation and Engagement

We offer tools and approaches to obtain meaningful input from stakeholders. These include facilitated discussions in community meetings, online forums and surveys, and small group interactions. We use facilitative techniques that allow for open dialogue while maintaining sufficient structure to define priorities and build consensus.

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Strategy Development

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